BASE USA is setting up shop in the US market with its Beissbarth, Sicam and Werther brands, marketing them all under the familiar Accu-turn name.

The BASE USA group is the result of a project launched by the Stargate Capital GmbH fund, which commenced in February 2018 with the acquisition of Werther International and concluded in October when Bosch sold Beissbarth and Sicam to the fund.

“The Accu-turn name will be brought back to the US market under BASE USA, the umbrella company”, says Chuck McCourt, president of McCourt Consulting Group — the company that’s responsible for marketing the full line in the US. McCourt has already established a sales force, distribution (through tire wholesalers and traditional distribution) and a national account network.

With the goal of garnering a foothold and brand recognition in the US, McCourt is currently marketing BASE USA’s full line of tire changers and wheel balancers — which, he says is the broades line available through a single source.

Phase 2 will be the introduction of alignment equipment, lifts and healight aimers to its product portfolio in 2020.

“Our goal is to establish and promote the brand recognition of Beissbarth, Sicam and Werther product in the US marketplace to the prominent level they currently hold in Europe by leveraging the legacy and market identity of the Accu-turn name”, explains McCourt. “The new BASE USA company will provide more services than any other equipment supplier in the market, as part of its value-added package provided to its customers”.